Criminal Defense Attorney
José Angel Velásquez Attorney at Law
"The People's Lawyer"

Let a former CA Superior Court Judge with more than 30 years of legal experience help you with your legal problem.

José Angel Velásquez, Sr. has a unique legal experience. José comes from the poor side of town and has fought against the mainstream and “good old boys” for decades. He has been called, “The People’s Lawyer” and he stands against all odds and will not back off.

As Superior Court Judge, José presided over more than 70,000 cases in the Criminal Division, Family Court, Drug Court, Civil Department, Traffic Court, Small Claims Court, Juvenile Court and Truancy Court. His over 34 years of legal experience is vast and well rounded.

As a private attorney, he has handled hundreds of criminal matters and personal injury matters in the surrounding areas of Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and San Benito, Tulare Counties.

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