Personal Injury Attorney
José Angel Velásquez Attorney at Law
"The People's Lawyer"

José has handled hundreds of personal injury matters. José Angel Velásquez, Sr. has fought for his clients and made sure that they received the monetary reward they deserved. José will fight with the insurance companies until justice is done for his clients. José Angel has been intimately involved with the local, state and federal issues that affect his community.

He has been involved in the Voting Rights lawsuits that brought about change in Social Justice to many members of his local community. He has been a part of the lawsuit where Labor Law leader Cesar E. Chavez was involved at the time of his passing in Yuma, Arizona.

Chavez and his teachings are instrumental components of José Angel’s principles and values in his every day and professional dealings. José Angel has given much of his time to local, state and federal issues that aim to bring better living conditions, better educational opportunities and better economic empowerment to the less fortunate in the community.

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